Friday, July 9, 2010

Lelaki GIRLS??


memang lumrah lelaki ni dlahirkan easy bored with something ke ek??hurmmm..
so..t'detik la satu idea yang m'curah-curah ble mc yah ni duk tanye2 perlu wat??asal lelaki tu selalu interest ngn kite..aku pun..google2 la..
aku nak kasi opinion 100% pun..aku bukan ler POWER puff gurl sangat nak potpet segala, mc yah..ko malas nak google..aku google kan utk ko..korang nak bce pun..aku alu-alukan sangat2 yup!!:)*aku kan baik..hahaha..

Dress Well
Being in a relationship should never give any woman the license to start looking dull. If you have to keep his interest in you, you should stay beautiful even after years of going out with your boyfriend. You can try on different wardrobes (korang uptodate la ngn fashion terkini sket), experiment with your hair color or hairstyle, and be clean at all times.

Pretend Not
It's vital that you don't pretend in front of a man. Presenting who you're not is blatantly lying to this important person in your life. Just because he said a lady celebrity looked great in a certain wardrobe doesn't mean that you should start changing who you are. Just be you and you will learn that he will love that unique you no matter what.

Cling Not
If you're the type of woman who needs to be reassured of your man's love by the hour, then your relationship is in for great trouble. Clinginess is the exact reason why men seek out women that are totally independent. When you continually seek attention and his approval, you only validate that you have no confidence.

Spend Quality Time with Him
Since you want this guy to remain interested in you, you have to do all in your power to spend quality time with him. Men are, surprisingly, like puppies and they want to be showered with affection whenever possible. So be lavish with your cuddles and smooches.(jangan sampai terabai perkara yg lbh pnting sdh..)

Let Him Feel Special
Every man would want to know that he's the most attractive guy on the planet for you. Support his ego by making him feel that he's absolutely hot. Also, it's important to keep him happy on the sexual department. When boredom doesn't creep into your relationship, your guy would have no reason to look for pleasure elsewhere.*jangan sampai tergadai maruah diri pulak..

Keep Up With Him
You can be cute when you play the role of the damsel in distress at times, but when you wallow in this role-well, your guy would probably start to think that you're totally helpless. Guys are often physically active, and if you ever want to win his attention, better lengthen your stride.

Be Mentally and Emotionally Stable
If you don't want a guy running in the opposite direction, then don't be a drama queen. Guys hate real life drama and they hate confrontations more so don't ever resort to this tactic in getting your man's attention.*jgn ikutkan PMS korang jep:)

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hmmm.ikutkan lau someone tu sayang betol2..terime je dri pasangannye seadanye..jgn mengeluh banyak2..cermin jew diri tu dulu..hek5..

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