Wednesday, June 30, 2010

usia sampai lagi









.Nurul Huda Abdul Kadir.

this was my homeroom's teacher when i was 13th-15th..
but my beloved 'mum' now & always..
today is her birthday...So..i just want to take this opportunity to wish her
Happy Birthday on your Sweet 30th.Birthday Balloon.

She is very kind-hearted person..
i could not forget that she always tried to back up us if we had done something wrong..
no matter what..i love & miss her so much..
with her care..
with her teach..
with her loves..
i stand as for whom i am now!!
im proud to be what i want to be.
thanks miss Huda.Bow Down.

♥.HAPPY 30 th.♥

Happy 30th, I cannot tell,
At 30 candles, looking quite swell.
Repeated stories to the same person,
That old mind of yours simply may worsen.

Happy 30th, we all truly care,
Abundant memories, willingly share.
During this decade, family does matter,
In a few more, they will all scatter.

Happy 30th, lessons you learned,
Plenty of scars proudly have earned.
Finally Arrived! Sound judgment is here,
You wish they have listened, even one ear.

Happy 30th, fight against time,
So many things; endless that climb.
Invest wisely or retirement a dream,
If you choose coffee, don’t forget cream.

urmm..ble la nak makan nasi minyak teacher ni..

p/s : please pray for her happiness

6 shining LIPGLOSS:

Anonymous said...

nak wat post sal tcer gak ! tigt kebebakkan aku dlm math haha

thyYunx said...

hahah..jom!!pakat rmi2 wat..
tnjukkn syg anda pd miss huda..heheh

Anonymous said...

goooooooooooooooood :)

thyYunx said...

hahaha..thanks dear..:)

Cik Ubi said...

eh..anda dulu mrsm yt gak ke?..rase mcm kenal cgu tu..dia ngaja add mate kan?..

thyYunx said...

yup..1st batch pmr..
anda pun ke??heheh