Sunday, June 13, 2010

knape pilih A?? B?? C?? Z??

Hye dude..

Accept u as u are

Believe in having fun

Cherish time together

Dream big dreams

Enrich,comfort and delight

Follow up and follow through

Grow forever memories

Honour each other's feelings

Invite u into their I Adore You.hearts

Just call to say "how are u?"

Know when somethings up

Love u no matter what

Multiply joys and divide sorrows

Nurture each other souls

Overcome adversity together

Pick up you when you are down

Quickly forgive and make up

Remind u of your greatness

Smile when they I'm Counting Down The Minutes Until I Can Be With You Again.think of u

Thrive on shared trust

Understand when to 'just' listen

Value time together

Walk with u side by side

Xperience ups and down

Yearn to stay connected

Zeg to live, love
and laugh

p/s : i choose all. .u??

thanx 4 da mastermind : afiqah kmm

5 shining LIPGLOSS:

tima said...

sume jugak :D

thyYunx said...

haha..thanx 4 ur respon dear~

Fakhrur Razi said...

R for Raji Rockstar xD

tima said...

wc =)

thyYunx said...

razi : haha..dye nye..ssuai noe..