Saturday, June 5, 2010



..tiap2 ari aku mncri..
..tiap2 ari aku b'fikir..
..tiap2 ari aku m'cba..
..tiap2 ari aku mluangkan mse..
..tiap2 ari aku mmbuka aty aku..

thinking all times, everydays..
to create an entry that is just not like a rubish!!
that is truely comes from my life..
not a fairy tale from other bloggers' sight..

& for this moment i choose her..MyEm0.Com

ooOOppss..don't think im a les***n!!
agak2la weyh..
watch out ur mounth,mind!!

today is my sweet BFF's birthday lor...
so..aku create ni haaa...

walaupun xcntik aku bgitu bsmangat create utk dia..

meh aku ctew sket cner ktowg leh jdi bff..mrgkap sis aku dh kot..hehee..

TRIVIAS bout Athirah Mohd Nor

(:birth on 06 june 1991
(:1st met at PSM ( law's test)
(:1st name of her in my mind is miss chiveous~
(:started from that, we keep in touch till now..
(:never meet her..
(:be bff from internet~FS, MS, FB..
(:always share together our probs..
(:not all probs can share (our principle)
(:always be a shoulder when im in trouble
(:jokes r normal..
(:is da best adviser that i've!
(:im proub of being one of ur fwenx.

nak nyanyi sket laa..

epy bfday to you..

epy bfday to you..

epy bfday to tyrah

epy bfday to you..

*hup u'll succeed in ur life..
*hup u'll get ur epiness
*hup u can handle all things by yourself soon.
*be matured..
*u deserve to be with da person u love!
*sweet 19th.
*happy along ur journey of ur life!


dan ari ni jge mrupakan ari sjarah kot..
aku nak btrime ksih kt mr.DF y byk b'ssh pyah ksi mcm2 kt aku..
& dis is da sweetest from u beb that i've..

because this was created as the next series of our episodes..
( mke amt burok Alhamdulillah..ak adlh cptaan Allah)
[ 060606 ]..

tpi ari ni aku kna mrah ng dye kot..
coz post smthing damn at my wall on fesbook..

p/s : page aku, aku pny ske laa..hahaah..lalalala~~MyEm0.Com

xpe..aku xksa kot..ppe pun..
thanx sbb sudi clebrate lgi..
even kte 'bff' ktenye..
tp ble aku admit ng org len cm2..
taw lak nk mrah..uhuhuu..
sorry for making u skit aty with me today..
lastly..aku BAHAGIA lihat kmu BAHAGIA.:)

3 shining LIPGLOSS:

Anonymous said...

epy bfday trah..

0606??cam taw je..
ppe pun..aku hrpkan kbhgiaan utk kowg b'dua..~

DailamiDaniel said...

epi bday trah..

thyYunx said...

yla..thanx smue