Thursday, April 22, 2010

CHOCoLatEs' addict

it's sweet..good..delicious..marvelous!
sllluuurpp,,like mamee sluurpp..hukkkhukk,,

today,,i feel like i've lost my life,,world..
imagine..that i don't eat chocolate for a week!!'s very pain for me!!

i backed home today..but when i reached at the bus station,,i quickly went to McD..
dat's not my plan actually...
but i got a stomachache & have to full my tummy with some meal..

so,,when i can get my lubly chocolate?????
if not chocolate..
at list..chocolate cake pun..ok wut???hhuuhuh..

what about you??
do you love chocolate like me??

mmg rugi bsar kpd sasiapa y xmnsyukuri knikmatan chocolate yang ada d dnie skan..
xsmstinye y mhal kte prlu mkn..

y kowg leh lurv..asal kn its halal ok..

3 shining LIPGLOSS:

atiza shaemri said...


pInKy LoVeR said...

ak pon giler cholte..huhu

THY yunx~♪♫♥ said...

OW..ptt la mu swit like ak..
choclate kn swit like ak jgk..hahah